YolanCris 2012 Wedding Dresses


The Bohemian and vintage elements of this collection bring us surprise. The dresses are unique and stylish; especially the crochet, nets, laces and something like that. When I look at the interesting photographs, I think it can be the material for a little story. Then, I try to weld them into a little story, do you like it?

Our Wonderful, Electrifying Love Story


1 . To others, we are an ill-sorted pair.


2. Now, I want to tell it to my best friend-duck.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (1)


3. At first, I was a wild girl.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (2)


4. Certainly my bike is old, but it can get me to anywhere.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (3)


5. I went to feed my duck.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (4)


6. He leaped out of the bushes and made advances at me.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (5)


7. A rose.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (6)


8. Oh, my God, a bunch of beautiful pink roses.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (7)


9. I decided, it’s him!

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (8)


10. Controlling.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (9)


11. Violently Opposing?

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (10)


12. All right, forget about it.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (11)


13. Advanced towards new objectives.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (12)


14. Becoming more beautiful and elegant.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (13)


15. He’s a bad hand at speech, but the fond embrace said everything.

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (14)


16. I win

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (15)


17. Or we win?

YolanCris-2012-Wedding-Dresses (16)


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