Wedding Dress Preservation

What is wedding gown preservation?
This is a process done by a specialist company which typically includes carefully cleaning the dress first, ridding it of stains, where possible, repairing any damage and then, finally, using a specially approved process the gown is pressed or steamed and carefully folded and boxed in an acid-free setting which preserves and protects the garment from outside sources of damage.
Your wedding dress represents a large investment, and more importantly, it is perhaps the most special and emotive garment you ever own. Professional wedding gown preservation can cost hundreds of dollars, but the precious dress really worth preserving in a pristine state. Before storing your wedding dress, cleaning is important – even if there are no visible stains- both for its appearance and to lessen possible insect infestation.

Tips: any attempt at stain removal may result in discoloration or setting the stain, so if you are unsure what to do, just gently dab off (you could also use a little soda water fairly safely) as best as possible, and leave for the professionals after the wedding.

Why do you need to preserve your dress? There are four reasons to have your wedding gown preserved:
1、A family member’s beautiful wedding gown could not have been passed from generation to generation without proper wedding gown preservation soon after the wedding. And if you have one, you may as well have it cleaned and pressed again before the wedding day.
2、This is a major stepping stone in your life and you may want to preserve a memento.
3、Perhaps you even plan to offer it to your daughter or pass it on to someone else, having it in a clean condition is important.
4、You may prefer to sell it someday.

Acid will lead to discoloration of a gown over years, so it is important to use totally acid-free tissue and boxes. Some boxes are represented as acid free when all they have is just an acid-free coating. To protect your gown against mold, mildew, light and dust you should clean and preserve it. Don’t be fooled. Acid-free coatings are not the same as totally acid-free and can lead to discoloration. You can store the gown in a cool dry place by yourself and open the box every five years to "check on the condition of the gown". Never store your gown in the attic or basement. You can also choose a professional gown preservation company do it for you.

How do you choose a gown preservation company?
There are many local and national gown preservation services. You should get a clear idea about the following questions before choosing one:
How long have they been in business?
Do they specialize in wedding gowns and other types of special occasion attire?
Does the company employ eco-friendly processes? Do they use harsh chemicals to clean gowns?
Can the preservation box be opened to inspect the gown?
Do they have a customer service line to call and ask questions? Is the staff knowledgeable and easily accessible?
Do they have a good reputation? Search online for wedding gown preservation reviews.


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