Tips To Preserve Your Wedding Gown

By: Davin Smith

Wedding is always the most memorable moment for any woman. After the wedding ceremony got over there are always some special moments and things are there which reminds the most memorable moments of life and wedding gown is one of them. Wedding gowns are delicate garments. Unless you taken care of it in a proper way the lace and silk can wear away with the passage of the years. There are some steps that you should follow to preserve your wedding gown. Some of the very common steps mentioned below to preserve your wedding gown in a proper way.

1. After the wedding ceremony got over check out the stains left on your wedding gown and note it down so you can exactly tell your wedding gown preservation service provider about the stains.
2. Search out the professional wedding gown preservation company. Remind you wedding gown will not be preserved only by dry cleaning. Preservation and dry cleaning are different procedures.
3. Put your wedding dress in a good plastic bag if the bag is there in which you have purchased wedding gown it is the best one for that.
4. Purchase a cotton sheet containing very little synthetic fiber. It should be non-dyed and unbleached when you buy it.
5. Make the cotton sheet free from extra dirt by washing it in hot water. Do not use any detergent while washing it.
6. Wrap your wedding gown in this cotton sheet and then put it inside the plastic bag.
7. While delivering the wedding gown for the preservation process make them aware about the stains properly. It will be handy for them to give exact process to the gown.
8. Ask youre cleaner to pack the wedding dress in archival-quality acid-free tissue paper after the dry cleaning is over.
9. To avoid any permanent wrinkles after the preservation process it is better to put high quality tissue papers in between the folds.
10. Use a vacuum-sealed storage box to store the wedding dress.
11. Keep the dress in dry place, away from impurities, smoke and direct sunlight.
12. Inspect your wedding dress from time to time to check for any new stains.


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