Suzanne Ermann’s Romantic Wedding Dress

Parisian designer Suzanne Ermann should be in the record books who has the love of work well done, the art of the cutting, the sense of perfection. After guaduating from the school of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture and training with Chantal Thomass, Chanel and Thierry Mugler, Suzanne Ermann had become confident enough to launch “Suzanne Ermann” in Paris. Then She opened a modest workshop rue de Seine on the trendy Le Marais area. Her evening gown & cocktail dresses quickly drew attention from a large Parisian audience. Ermann’s increasing success meant that, in 1999, she set-up a shop dedicated to bridal wear in the rue de Tournon.
She has also actively participated in various prestigious shows and events all over the world, consistently highlighting her take on style which she defines as “classic with a modern twist.”

A happy bridal said about Suzanne Ermann’s gowns "Her designs are stunningly gorgeous and made of extraordinary fabrics that you cannot conceive of. My wedding dress is lightweight, fits perfectly, and is the silkiest silk I’ve ever felt ". We particularly love her sculptural yet curvaceous details, the play of light on her transparent materials and the subtle overlays that make her dresses otherworldly ethereal.
Her approach to design has a rare mix of playful and sexy attributes, especially in the trend of the ‘néo-couture’ with a unique touch which brings youth and creativity to the traditional and the innovative. Imbued with outstandingly modern and chic, grace and modernity, wedding dresses and evening ensembles by Suzanne Ermann meet the aspirations of today’s woman.


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