Social Occasion Designer: Rina di Montella

Rina di Montella, born in Italy and emmigrated to the U.S. in her early teens, has spent the last twenty years as designer and manufacturer of high fashion evening wear and bridal wear and accessories.

Rina has always been known as a Social Occasion designer with a focus on high fashion. Throughout her career, Rina has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Liberty Bell Award given by the Mayor of Philadelphia during the "Who Dresses Philadelphia" ceremony. Many celebrities and dignitaries, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, have worn her designs. Rina began designing in 1979 with her own factory and a showroom in New York. She specialized in social occasion. Rina di MontellaIn April of 2000, Rina and her sister Dora opened a retail store in King of Prussia, PA called Rina di Montella Studio Wearhouse, and a New York showroom for the wholesale trade. The retail store consists of Rina’s designs and other selections from designers and manufacturers and specializes in social occasion, with sizes from 4 to 24.

Italian-born, Rina’s design sense commands a sophisticated look with an acute sense of taste for elegance and glamour. Rina’s Bridal designs premiered in the Spring of 2007. They featured streamlined silhouettes in luxurious fabrications with elaborate beading and embroidery. Her designs have garned international acclaim in both Social and Bridal. Rina and her sister Dora have maintained a family business with a concentrated focus on attention to detail and customer service. The simple, yet elegant design of the Rina di Montella collection presents a modern, young attitude adaptable to a myriad of festive occasions.


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