Peachy Girl 2011 Bridal Gowns



The sweat gowns are from Peach girl 2011 bridal collection. Above, the bodice is adorned with bows. Below, adorable tea rose gown.

Peach-Girl-2011-Bridal-Gowns (2)

Heart-printed pale pink gown with supersized bow at the bodice.

Peach-Girl-2011-Bridal-Gowns (3)

White voluminous dress with flower appliqués.

Peach-Girl-2011-Bridal-Gowns (1)

Aquamarine bridal gown with rose and pearl bead accents.

Peach-Girl-2011-Bridal-Gowns (4)

Dusty rose and black wedding dress with polka dot bow and butterfly appliques.

Peach-Girl-2011-Bridal-Gowns (5)

Strapless pink gown with ruffle tulle skirt with large bows and hearts accents.

Peach-Girl-2011-Bridal-Gowns (6)


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