Jill Stuart Wedding Dress

Today the brand to introduce is Jill Stuart. They hardly make pure white wedding dress, most of which are colored. The ideas are interesting, but I wonder if there are so many consumers.

Jill Stuart Wedding Dress 01


These gowns are almost made of layered lace, whose main market might be in Japan. I don’t like the fussy style. Besides, this kind of fabric is not necessarily good either.

Jill Stuart Wedding Dress 02


I like the style of the dress. And highlight of it is the Victorian touch necklace. If you love dress like this, make sure that don’t wear the common synthetic diamond necklace.

Jill Stuart Wedding Dress 05


This one is the fairly good design of the collection. The seat of dress is the famous traditional classical silhouette, which is common in all kinds of portraiture of ladies in Europe. But the belt is so wide that the girl less than 1.65 meters is not fit for it.

Jill Stuart Wedding Dress 06


The air and shooting angle of the following photographs are pretty good. This kind of layered lace and tulle style require complex surrounding and accessories to set off, otherwise it will look cheap.

Jill Stuart Wedding Dress 04

Jill Stuart Wedding Dress 03


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