How to Choose a Wedding Dress

By: Aileen

These years, young people are more concerning about their wedding. Holding a memorable wedding ceremony became a kind of fashion. Actually, brides makeup and wedding dress is the first important thing in the wedding. So bride often worries about what kind of wedding dress suits her best and what style can improve her temperament. In the following, there are some tips to choose suitable wedding dresses and classification of wedding dresses.
Wedding dresses can be classified as following types.

1st. Princess, It is characterized by its layers of veil and fluffy dresses. It makes bride lively and lovely. This type suits many different types of brides. Such as little and thin bride also plump bride. Little bride could choose high waistline design to elongate legs look like. And plump bride could choose this type with deep V neck design to make neck looks slightness.
2nd.Bouffant type, this is notable for its suitable upper part and the bouffant dress with the petticoat to sizing. This kind of wedding dress suits the sandglass shape bride very well. It is better for her to choose the V-waist line one with long sleeves. But if you are small or thin, in my opinion youd better choose other type. For it will make you looks shorter and thinner.
3rd. Tailing type of wedding dress, just as the name implies, it is long and tailing on the ground. There are 40cm mini tailing, 40-80cm medium and more than 80 is large tailing wedding dress. This kind of wedding dress is more official and suitable for the ceremony held in church.

4th.Classical white wedding design is actually being brought to China from Europe. And now it is a fashion and will become to be a tradition. But classical wedding dress designs are still from Europe. It is maintaining the classical elegant temperament. It may not suit very well for Chinese traditional wedding ceremony. So, for most time, red Qi Pao can play a very important role in the wedding.

After getting aware of the above knowledge, I think, you should know how to choose a perfect wedding dress for your wedding. In sum, first, find out what type of stature you are. And choose the color suit you best. But white is the color very practical. Then choose a wedding dress accordingly. The color is as important as the style. The right colored wedding dress can highlight your personality. Besides this, the wedding dress you are going to purchase must can go well with the venue.

In fact one is not enough. You may have to choose a red Qi pao to go with your traditional Chinese wedding. So I think if all the above situations are in your consideration, you could choose a perfect wedding dress for your wedding day.

Putting together a wedding is really a pains-taking process. But when thinking about your big day and with the anticipation of a excellent wedding, the brides-to-be will never be mean on its time and patience. Before the wedding planning, it is a good idea to get your married friends advice and consult the professionals about the wedding preparation, so you can avoid wasting your money and energy. Merry Christmas and enjoy your wedding preparation.


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