Bridal’s A Short Story

I believe, on a fine spring’s morning, a gentle breeze blowing, the moment of you running to the town hall should be sweet, impulsive, reckless and willing to pay each other a lifetime.

Bridal's A Short Story (8)


Wearing short wedding dress for marriage registration is decent. Bride’s ivory dresses decorated  with   feathers is from Casablanca Bridal, priced $740. Bridegroom’s suit is from J.Crew. I like the short veil and the beautiful blue bouquets.

Bridal's A Short Story (2)

Oh, they are smooching in the town hall. How sweet!

Bride’s chiffon taffeta, lace, beading skirt is from Simone Carcalli, priced $1600.

Bridal's A Short Story (9)

A strapless A-line dress, lace overlay and belt at natural waist, which is an exquisite attire and suitable for varying shapes.

Bridal's A Short Story (1)

They trotted with a light tripping step to register.

Due to use of Swarovski crystal embellishment price of the dress from Sarantina surge to $2980. The shoes from Louboutin are very nice, nude color, applicable to all cases.

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After registering, they walk down the street hand in hand, immersed in a sweet atmosphere. The dress is actually knitted, from Fancy New York, priced $2200. So long as not losing her figure, bride can take on the casual but ceremonious dress from time to time.

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The caped dress is from Anne Bowen, Priced $1975. The design we have met heaps of times in the industry. Last time the sub-brand of McQueen have introduced one on autumn and winter in 2010 as well.

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I like the light. It seems to be random but it’s too beautiful for words. The ‘intentionally random’ is very popular in fashion Photography industry. The dress is from Watters Bride, priced $1400.

Bridal's A Short Story (6)

They danced in the stilly passage.

Melissa Sweet’ half sleeve, round necked, high-waist, A-line skirt, which fitted slim girl, priced $1475.

Bridal's A Short Story (7)

Sent her off and kissed her good-bye.

I like bride’s ponytail. For most people, this hairstyle can make face look smaller.


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