2011 Wedding Dresses Look-book from J.Crew Collection

J.Crew spring 2011 wedding dresses have been released already. It is said that this season’s topic are sincerity and nicety. But I can’t agree with it completely.

2011 Wedding Dresses Look-book from J.Crew Collection 001

With simple and stylist design and clear and smooth figure, this gown looks not bad. But this type need a slender and slim girl to wear. Otherwise it will makes the bride look plumper than usual.

This short styles dress can’t attract me. For the fabric and waistband’s texture are not perfect. It will make the bride look informal. After all, the bride will wear it to attend wedding ceremony.

The gown looks really simple, but the fabric is not fit for the dress. So the model seem not so slim and radiant. Just imaging, an ordinary girl without perfect stature will seem like.

To tell the truth, indeed I don’t like it. The jacquard fabric make the gown looks rather boring and normal. I won’t choose it as a party dress, let alone wedding dress. It lacks romance and grace, and won’t make bride more beautiful, sexy or radiant. I won’t recommend it.


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